Sunday, 13 March 2011

Welcome to my kitchen...

Yet another cooking blog.....?

Well hopefully not. I love cooking and I enjoy writing and though I've written professionally it has never been about something I am truly passionate about. But cooking and baking and entertaining are things I could literally write about for hours. And so I finally thought tonight- why not ? Why not start a blog. And it's not just going to be recipes for entertaining or showing off to friends. It is also about cooking for your family, for children who are too stubborn or tired to eat but you still want them to have something healthy. It takes into account how money is often tight and good food doesn't have to cost the earth.

I also am fully aware of how time-poor so many of us are. We have two beautiful girls aged five and three who really do take up all the time we have spare and then some. In life pre-kids I could induldge in spending hours in the kitchen- that is something I don't usually have the time to do now. So much of the time it is about being organised and prepared and making things in advance when you have five minutes. And that doesn't mean you can't still entertain friends with stunning food- it just means sitting down first and planning it.

So yes, most of my blogging will be around cooking and food and recipes but there will be many other aspects. I enjoy gardening and as a family we have had increasing success at producing our own fruit and vegetables in our small garden- last year mainly on the patio in various size pots and tubs. With spring around the corner I will dip into my gardening exploits- in particular where the fruits of my labours end up in the cooking pot!

I also enjoy finding gadgets or items that help in the day to day running of the home- in particular those old fashioned lotions and potions that actually work far better than the modern day equivalent (and usually cost a tenth of the price!) So anything that catches my eye will probably end up being discussed here (even those that end up being not so great an idea....)

And finally you'll get a smattering of the other things in my life that I just enjoy- a good (or bad!) film or book, any new arts and crafts things that I have done and have enjoyed, a trip to a good restaurant that particularly stands out etc.

So this blog is an insight into my home, my kitchen, my family life and my thinkings. I like recipe books but I hate following one to a T (unless baking in which case I am more cautious!) There is one particular recipe book that I was given at Christmas in which the author states that the recipes must be followed exactly and not altered in anyway. That was a massive turn off for me and as yet I have not cooked one recipe from the book- not because I believe him that it would matter if I altered them- just because it annoyed me (and yes I am stubborn like that!) Though I actually do really like his recipes and ideas.

I also hope my blog inspires people to try their own thing. Most of the times I won't put full recipes but indications of my interpretations. By all means ask me if there is a particular recipe you would like that I haven't detailed. But don't be scared to ad lib. Cooking has to suit your tastes and what is good for me and my family may not suit you. So try things- even if it goes wrong it's not the end of the world and alternatively you may find you've discovered something fantastic. And try new things- everyone in your family should live by that mantra. I don't mind so much if my children won't finish a new meal I've made for them so long as they try it. Particularly if they tell me what they do and don't like since I can learn from that and adapt my recipes and meals for them accordingly.

Anyway time to finish tonight's dinner- homemade soup (using chicken stock I made earlier after a sunday roast)- a nice wholesome end to the weekend. Until soon....

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