Saturday, 23 April 2011

Beef and vegetable satay stir fry

On a busy weekend I like to be able to do quick tasty dishes that don't take up the whole evening. The following "recipe" is one that I always adapt- depending on what I have in I will adapt it. The following is how I made it this evening but as I say all the time- this is just a suggestion and you can adapt it to your own tastes. Use chicken instead or just more vegetables.

The most important thing on dishes like this is being organised and quick cooking. People who don't like vegetables are often converted when they eat properly cooked, crispy quick-cooked vegetables. I really detest slushy vegetables that have stewed for ages. They also loose all their nutrients. Before you begin to start cooking make sure you have all your vegetables chopped and ready, your beef in slices and your noodles to hand. Don't decide to make a 20 minute phone call once your stir fry is cooking- it will just become a sludge and not taste anywhere near as good. You want the stir fry to be crisp and retain all the colours and flavours.

Being by chopping up the vegetables that you are going to be using into even pieces that are approximately bite-size. Tonight I used spring onions, white onion, celery, carrot, courgette and brocolli.

Get a large pan of water on the boil for the noodles. Heat up a couple of tablespoons of toasted sesame oil (you can use vegetable oil if you don't have this but I like the added nutty taste) and about the same amount of soy sauce in a large wok or frying pan. You need to do this over a medium-high heat and quickly fry the vegetables for a couple of minutes. Add a couple of chopped cloves of garlic and half a red chilli for some kick (if you prefer it stronger add in some more)

After this time add slices of beef steak- approximately the same sizes as the vegetable pieces. If you were using chicken it would be best to fry this first before the vegetables and then add them for the last few minutes so that it is cooked through. Thin steak slices shouldn't need long so should go in after the vegetables have had a few minutes to cook.

Cook for a couple more minutes. During this time once the water is boiling then turn it off and put in one nest of fine noodles per person. This should go into water that is no longer boiling. Put the lid on the pan and leave for a couple of minutes- this will be sufficient to cook the noodles but again they won't be soggy and starchy but perfectly cooked.

Whilst the noodles are cooking add a couple of tablespoons of smooth peanut butter to the beef and vegetables, a good splash of red wine (about 100ml depending on how liquid you would like the sauce) and give everything a good stir before cooking for a couple of minutes.

Once the noodles are ready then add about 100ml single cream and stir through. Season to taste.

Drain the noodles and divide between bowls and then top with the stir fry.

Quick, easy and so long as you don't start cooking until about 6 minutes before you want to eat, delicious everytime!

Til soon....

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