Friday, 22 April 2011

Creamy chicken curry

Even in this lovely weather we still enjoy having a curry and I like the following recipe since I usually have all the ingredients in and so can make it last minute.

25g Plain flour
3 tsp Garam masala

500g Chicken breasts chunks
2 tbsp Vegetable oil

1 Onion, sliced
1 red pepper and 1 green pepper sliced

1 tsp Cumin seeds
5 Cardamon pods
1 tsp coriander seeds
1 tsp fennel seeds
½ tsp mustard seeds
2-3 Bay leaves
400g chopped tomatoes
2 chopped garlic cloves

1 tsp Turmeric
0.5 tsp fenugreek powder
1 tsp lemon juice
1 heaped tsp chopped red chilli
3-4 tbsp single cream
250g Natural yogurt

Mix together the flour and 2 tsp garam masala with some salt and pepper in a bag. Put the chicken in this mixture in the bag and shake to coat. 

If you can leave it overnight to marinade so much the better. Then remove the chicken onto a plate shaking off any excess.

Put the cumin seeds, cardamon pod, coriander seeds, fennel seeds and mustard seeds into a dry pan and fry for a couple of minutes, keeping the pan moving so that the spices toast rather than burn.

Tip them into your pestle and mortar and grind to a powder. 

Heat 1 tbsp oil and half the butter in a large frying pan and fry the chicken, in batches if necessary, for 2 minutes on each side. 

Add a little more oil if necessary then add the onions and peppers and sauté over a gentle heat for 5 minutes, until soft. 

Add the crushed spice mix and bay leaves and cook for 1–2 minutes. 

Add the garlic, turmeric, fenugreek and remaining garam masala and stir through.

Then add the chopped tomatoes and cook for around 10 minutes until the mixture becomes thick. 

Add the chilli and lemon juice and simmer for 15 minutes until everything is cooked through. Pour in the single cream and cook for another minute. 

Turn off heat and stir through yoghurt.

While curry is cooking make the rice cooked with 1 tbsp turmeric and 1 tbsp cinnamon in the cooking water.

Once the rice is cooked stir through a tsp lemon juice and serve into bowls. Pour over the curry.

Delicious and so much better than anything you can make from a ready-made sauce.

Til soon...

Above recipe listed on The #Curry Guide.

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