Sunday, 24 April 2011

An eggscellent hunt!

The sun shone (but the chocolate didn't melt) and the children and adults had an absolute ball. For the first year we organised a neighbourhood Easter Egg Hunt (kids aged from 20 months to 5 years) and we all had a great time.

Everyone was asked to bring along some mini eggs for the hunt and a painted boiled egg.

In the run up I did some preparations with our girls. First all I bought a chocolate egg mould and made some eggs to add to the collection. We did all different types but this batch I first melted white chocolate to line the bottom of the moulds and sprinkled on some tiny fudge pieces.

This was then allowed to set a little before being topped with melted milk chocolate.

And finally these were topped with mini marshmellows.

As I say this was just one batch and we let our imagination run wild with different toppings and chocolate combinations- fudge, caramel, marshmellows, white chocolate buttons etc. Some of the egg halves were also glued together once set with some melted chocolate to make whole eggs.

The finished eggs were really cute and gave a bit more of a personal touch to the hunt.

This is a photo of just one of the batches of eggs. It was very difficult to resist eating a few in the run up to today!

The other thing that we needed was boiled eggs for the egg rolling competition. This year we tried natural dying. I put six raw eggs into a saucepan of cold water and added the papery brown skins of about 10 onions (only the outer skins that you normally throw away!)

Then bring to the boil and reduce to a simmer for about 30 minutes to make sure they are properly hard boiled (don't worry- you are not eating them- you just want them hard and evenly dyed!)

After about half an hour check the colour of the eggs- they should be a dark rustic red. Then turn off the heat and leave to cool. These can then be left overnight in the liquid to intensify the colour. In the morning, remove the eggs from the liquid and place to dry (in empty egg boxes is the easiest!) Once they are dry then give them a wipe over with vegetable oil to give a nice shine.

Finally give to the children to decorate how they wish (I think a Miss Middleton egg snuck in there!!)

To add to the eggs we had a large bag of shop bought eggs that were pre-wrapped.

We ran around 10 minutes before the hunt scattering hundreds of eggs. Then 7 children and half an hour later we had a lot of ladened baskets! We had also scattered lots of paper tokens with eggs on them and the child with the most egg won another batch of eggs! We managed to wrestle the chocolates off the children before they went mad on sugar by then doing the egg rolling competition. This was a great end to the morning's activities.

Great fun, a lovely neighbourhood activity and something we'll definitely repeat next year.

Til soon....

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