Monday, 25 April 2011

Getting through the glut of Easter goodies- Chocolate slabs!

Once the fun of the easter egg hunt is over there is a tendancy for the remaining chocolate to look a little sad and disappointing and it doesn't get eaten and stays hidden in the cupboard until Halloween! Small eggs get chipped and broken, there is just a handful of sweets from the centre of eggs, there are bits of broken chocolate eggs scattered in various boxes. On their own it can feel it is best to just throw these bits and pieces away but they can be changed into a fun and attractive treat- chocolate slabs. It can even be recycled into presents for others since they look really good and can be whatever flavours you think your chosen recipient would like. You can buy these from various chocolate houses but they are relatively simple to do yourself.

First of all line a baking sheet with baking paper and then get together pieces of chocolate of the same type and melt gently (either over a pan of boiling water or in the microwave)

Then dollop onto the baking paper in quite a thick circle. First I did milk...

Then I did white...

Then dark...

I had pretty much even amounts of each type but you can just use up whatever types you have. Once you have melted the chocolate use a pallet knife to smooth the various chocolates together into a rectangular shape.

You can leave the chocolate like this or drag a toothpick through the melted chocolate in both directions to give a marbled effect.

This then can be decorated however you wish- broken bits of mini eggs, pieces of smashed creme eggs, smashed biscuits, pieces of fudges, marshmellows, caramel, sugar sprinkles etc. The recipe for caramel that I used for the matzo crunch can be used here- dropped randomly across the melted chocolate.

This time I used hard caramel drizzled across the whole of the chocolate since I was giving it to my parents who wouldn't have been into the whole sweet decorations (also my girls haven't quite got bored of their hunt stash yet!)

To do this cover the base of a thick based pan with sugar and place over the heat.

Stir with a wooden spoon- it will start to clump initially

Then the sugar will start dissolving and caramelising and this is creating the lovely hard caramel. Leave to bubble and the caramel will go a lovely dark golden colour.

Once it has got to the above colour you have a couple of choices- you can either pour it across a separate sheet of baking paper and allow to set and then break it into brittle pieces to scatter across the chocolate. Or you can do as I did this time and drizzle it directly over the melted chocolate.

It will harden very quickly. Be really careful dealing with the caramel since it is will EXTREMELY hot. Once it has hardened you can neaten up the edges by breaking off the pieces that have creaped over the edge.

Leave to harden.

It can then either be left whole or broken into rough pieces. It can be stored in an airtight container for a week or two.

Adults and kids alike love them. It really does turn some odd bits and pieces into an impressive chocolate delight.

Here is another one that used up marshmellows (some whole and some melted), mini eggs and fudge pieces:

Fantastically over the top and fun! Much better than a few broken eggs and sweets!

Til soon....


  1. Oh My God- That looks incredible! I was craving chocolate as it was and this has just made it a million times worse! :)

  2. ;-) sorry for making the craving worse- it does work really well- it was devoured by kids and adults in a few hours!