Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The good life!

The current weather of lots of sunshine followed by a few days of heavy rain has actually done wonders for the fruit and vegetables I am growing in our garden.

This is the pickings I took this morning for later on today:

The one thing that suffered when we were away is my herb collection got completely destroyed by snails (we are plagued with them!) I had some small ones that I am trying to now grow out there but am sure they will get the same fate. The one herb we always grow well is mint- as you can see above this is just a small cutting! To give me some herbs year round I always freeze batches of spare (and we always have lots of spare mint) to use in the winter months.

Wash and dry the herbs really well.

Then pack into food bags (remove as much air as possible) and freeze.

Remember to label the bags so you know which is which. When you need them just break off what you need and you can cook with them while frozen. They don't look as good once frozen if using for display but for flavour they are as good as fresh!

A great way to bring back the flavours of summer in the cold winter months. Tonight I'll use some of the mint to flavour some buttered new potatoes. Delicious!

Til soon.....

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