Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Perfect chocolate ice-cream without a machine

I've resisted buying an ice-cream machine for several years. I know several people that swear by them but I've also heard a lot of negatives. And then I stumble across fantastic recipes for ice-cream without a machine and the temptation passes. This happened again today.

As you have probably gathered by now I am quite a chocolate fan. And I rarely choose an ice-cream that isn't chocolatey in one way or another. So when I stumbled across this recipe by David Lebovitz I couldn't wait to try it (I waited all of about 2 hours!) It contains alcohol so is not suitable for kids. You need the alcohol to stop it going to frozen and keeping it from gaining crystals (this is what keeps it smooth without you needing to whisk it every few hours).

Start by putting 55g chocolate (I used dark) with 6 tbsp milk (whole, semi or skimmed) in a container.

Melt in the microwave for about a minute until the milk is hot and the chocolate is melting. Blend it all together.

At this point mash a firm banana - this needs to be blended well into the mix so you need it to be quite smoothly mashed.

Add this to the chocolate mix with 6 tbsp irish cream liquor and 1 tbsp rum. Blend it all together until it is smooth. If you need to use the food processor to blitz it down for a few moments that can help get a smooth consistency.

Now put everything in a plastic or metal container.

Put this in the freezer for at least 4 hours until frozen. And no you don't need to stir it. The result is a lovely rich creamy ice-cream!

I would have got a better photo of the final ice cream but my husband tried it once it came out of the freezer and then liked it so much he demolished half of it right there!

There is quite a strong alcoholic kick to it so it. It would work well at the end of a dinner party as a refreshing dessert. I couldn't taste the banana but my husband could so make sure you are not serving it to anyone who doesn't like them (I know quite a few bizarrely!)

I will experiment with more ice-cream recipes that don't need a machine and will keep posting them up. For now I am still a non-machine ice-cream maker!

Til soon....

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