Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Courgette cupcake with lemon curd cream

I had a group of mums round for a coffee morning which was a great excuse to get some baking in. These are a nice twist on the normal cupcake and are quite light so work well with a morning cuppa. The inclusion of courgettes can throw people but it's just a twist on a carrot cake (and makes them a bit more healthy!)

Since my husband hates raisins I didn't include them since he wanted to try one tonight but if you wanted to add a handful that would add to the fruit/veg content and it does work really well. Pre-soak them in some hot apple juice before including them with the grated courgette to plump them up.

Begin by combining 2 large eggs, 150ml vegetable oil and 150g caster sugar.

Whisk until light and fluffy.

Then add 225g self-raising flour and half a tsp each of baking powder and bicarbonate of soda.

Again whisk until combined.

Then add the courgette- you need abou 250g which is either one very large one or two-three smaller ones. Wipe with a damp cloth so they are clean and then grate (peel and all- though chop the very ends off first). Put a piece of kitchen roll into a seize and put the grated courgette in that and push down to remove excess liquid. Then add this to the mix (together with the drained raisins if you are using them).

Finally add about 100ml plain yoghurt. This makes the cakes really light and airey (and adds some extra goodness).You can use milk instead (or not include anything at this point) but I really think it makes the cakes a lot lighter.

 Give everything a final mix.

Put into 12 large cupcake (muffin tin) cases and bake at 180 degrees c for about 16 minutes until a squewer comes out clean.

These are very moist cakes- you don't want to completely dry them out so keep an eye on them if you need to put them back for a few more minutes.

Let them cool completely. They store well in an airtight container. They are delicious plain and work well as a morning muffin. You can ice them as well- use whatever type of icing you like. I use lemon curd cream- double cream whisked until forming soft peaks then add in lemon curd (preferably homemade- see my recipe at the bottom of my blog on summer fruit pavlova)  which also shows you how to make the cream. This cream just needs smoothing on the cakes rather than piped.

There are green flecks through the cakes but you can't taste the courgette and they really are very moist cakes. The recipe adapts well to be made into bigger cakes and sandwiched together with creams etc. to make one large cake.

Til soon....


  1. Oh, they look so lovely and gorgeous. One for my bookmarks I think... I have enough courgettes as it is.

  2. Hope you enjoy them! They are really lovely and you cannot taste the courgette in them at all (and I quite like the green flecks- makes them quite unusual!)

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