Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Courgette lasagne

I made this since I had a lot of courgettes and wanted to make a full dinner with them rather than just an accompaniment. It is quite easy to make and is a nice vegetarian meal that is a bit more exciting than just veg in sauce on pasta that often gets served! I didn't make it purely vegetarian this time and as with most recipes it is very adaptable.

You can make this just using the ingredients raw and then cooking in the oven for a bit longer but I like to precook the vegetables. You can also boil the lasagne sheets before using them and cut down the time in the oven to about 10 minutes just to crisp up the top.

Begin by heating a tablespoon of oil in a frying pan and gently saute a large onion that has been peeled and chopped over a medium heat until they go translucent. Add a couple of cloves of chopped garlic and 6 grated courgettes (you can increase this if you want a bigger lasagne).

Cook for a few minutes until the courgettes start to slightly soften and go a nice bright green. Then put it all in a large bowl and add a good scattering of mozzerella. Season well and add a grating of nutmeg.

At this point I added in some shredded salami but as I say this can be omitted to keep it purely vegetarian.

Give everything a good stir to combine. Grease a large oven-proof dish and pour half the mix across the bottom.

Cover with sheets of lasange (the ones you don't need to precook if you are using them straight from the packet).

Top with half a jar of quality tomato sauce (I used chopped tomatoes with basil and oregano).

Then repeat the whole process and then cover with grated cheddar and parmesan.

Bake at 180 degrees C for about 35 minutes until it is golden and bubbling.

Allow to stand for 5 minutes or so and then serve...

Lovely on its own or together with various salads- green salad, potato salad or coleslaw all work well.

Really filling and a much healthier alternative to the meat alternative.

Til soon....


  1. Yours looks fab! I made one when we were inundated with courgettes and it was strangely moreish. Definitely going to use fresh pasta sheets next time.

  2. Sorry for the delay in replying. Yes it is very moreish and I think a nice one to use as a vegetarian substitute since the amount of courgettes used makes it quite substantial. fresh pasta would make it super quick to make.