Friday, 14 October 2011

Mummy's magic porridge

This isn't a complicated but if I was to give my children the choice of any breakfast in the world they will always ask for this. It's obviously great before school since it is a slow release breakfast and keeps them going through the morning. It surprises me how much my eldest likes it since she isn't a huge fan of dairy and this is full of milk!

I like to use milk when making porridge since I really don't like the taste of it with just water but you can play around with the recipe and do what suits your taste- you can use full fat milk or semi skimmed (or skimmed) or just water or a mix of water and milk.

Begin by putting a quarter of a cup of porridge oats per person into a pan.

 Add to this about 200ml of liquid (milk/water/combination of the two).

You can just make it plain but I like to add a good dusting of ground cinammon and also some sweetness (good dollop of honey/maple syrup/ golden syrup or you can add a spoonful of sugar). You can also add some fruit- mashed bananas, dried fruit, sulatanas, raisins, chopped apple etc.

Give everything a good stir and cook over a gentle heat until it thickens and become a nice soft consistency.

 If you feel that it is too thick at this point add some more milk. Once I serve it into bowls I like to add some more milk at this point (or a bit of single cream if you are wanting it really luxurious!) since that helps cool it down and gives it a smoother consistency.


A great start to the day and it's actually quite quick to make so still possibly before the school run! You can also add some fruit at this point.
Til soon....

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