Thursday, 20 October 2011

Toasted butternut squash seeds

I love this snack- so good for you and full of nutrients and so easy. And best of all made out of the seeds most people discard. Works with pumpkins and other squashes. I was making the butternut squash recipe so had these to hand when I last did this.

 Remove the seeds from the squash. They will be linked by the stringy bits of the squash.

Separate out the seeds and rinse well.

Put on kitchen paper and dry well.

Then move then into a pan and toss in either some oil (or spray with spray oil) and season with a little salt. You can also add other spices- some dry chilli gives a nice kick.

As you can see I had a little helper- my youngest wanted to help so moved all the seeds to the (cold!) pan.

Put over a medium heat and move the seeds around while they toast. They are done when they are lightly browned and "popping".

Move to a plate to cool. Great as a snack or sprinkled on salads or over curries.

Cheap and healthy- what more can you ask for.

Til soon....

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