Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mini meringues- literally kids play

Thankfully my girls are picking up on my love of cooking and are starting to want to help out when I am in the kitchen. Meringues is one of the things my eldest loves making so promised she could make these today to serve to our friends who were coming for lunch. They are so simple literally my 4 and 6 year old made them with just a little bit of help from me with things like the oven.

Begin with a SPOTLESS bowl and break in 2 eggs. You can use more eggs than this if you are needing more meringues- just increase the sugar accordingly.

Whisk until they are firm but not getting dry which will ruin your final meringues.

 At this point start adding in 80g caster sugar a spoonful (or good shake as below!) at a time and whisk it to combine each addition until it is all included and the meringues are glossy and stiff.

These can then either be piped onto baking sheets or just dollop tablespoons full onto the sheets. Make sure you make an even amount of meringues since you need to pair them up at the end.

Pop them in a cool oven (120 degrees or 100 if a fan) for about one and a quarter hours until they are lightly golden and can be easily picked up off the baking sheet without sticking. When they are ready turn off the oven and open the door and leave them to cool completely in there.

 Meanwhile whisk about 250ml double cream. You can flavour this as you like- some baileys works well for adults but for kids add some toffee saucce (a couple of tablespoons) and whisk this in as well.

Take a meringue and dollop on some cream then sandwich on another meringue. The amount we made produced 6 lovely chewy meringues which all disappeared rather quickly when placed on the table.

As I say childs play- if two little girls can do it anyone can and produce fantastic results. You can adapt it with some soft summer fruits or drizzle with some chocolate.

Til soon....

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