Saturday, 3 March 2012

Chicken tikka masala

Friday night and my husband announced he'd order us a curry. I always like the idea but usually regret it afterwards so said I'd make a tikka masala. This recipe is pretty easy and doesn't use unusual ingredients. It makes LOADS so unless you are feeding a group you have enough for dinner and to freeze several batches for another evening.

 Begin by making the tikka paste. This is really easy and much nicer than the jars you can buy. Take 5 cloves of garlic, some grated fresh ginger, 1 chopped red chilli, 2tsps each of ground coriander and ground cumin, 1 tsp each of paprika and garam masala and the seeds from 4 cardamom pods (bash them with a rolling pin to crack the pods). Add a a tbsp or so of either water or oil to bring the mixture together and then whizz it all together with a handheld food processor.

 Meanwhile heat a tbsp or so of vegetable oil with 25g butter and gently cook 2-3 large chopped onions for about 15 minutes until softened and starting to go golden in colour.
Meanwhile chop 2-3 red peppers and then add them to the softened onions together with the paste and cook for 5 minutes.

Keep an eye on it so that the paste doesn't catch and burn. It should be light golden colour at this stage.

 Then add your diced chicken breast. You can also use skinless and boneless thighs. With this amount of sauce you can add about 8 breasts or 12 thighs and that will easily serve about 8-10. Cook for another few minutes so that the chicken gets coated in the paste and begins to brown.

Then add 2 tins of chopped tomatoes, 4 tbsp tomato puree and 400ml of water.

Give everything a good stir and bring up to simmering point. Then cover with a lid and leave for about 20 minutes to cook through.

After this time add 150ml double cream, 150ml yoghurt and 2-3 tbsp mango chutney.

Give it a good stir and GENTLY heat it through. 

 Serve with rice, poppadoms, naan breads and of course a cool beer!

Any left overs should be cooled and then frozen immediately. Much healthier (and tastier!) than a takeaway and is ready in under an hour.

Til soon.....

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