Saturday, 1 February 2014

steamed chocolate pudding

To make the sauce- melt together 100g butter, 50g light sugar, 100g dark chocolate, 1 tbsp golden syrup and 2 tbsp milk  and 2 tbsp cream in a bowl over a pan until smooth. 

Pour 8 tbsps into a greased pudding basin and keep the rest in a jug for later. 

To make the pudding melt together 100g butter, 85g light or dark brown sugar and 2tbps golden syrup and then combine this with 225 g self-raising flour, 2 large eggs, 50g cocoa, 150ml milk, pinch salt, 1 tsp ground cinammon and zest of an orange into a food mixer and blend together.

Put this mix on top of the sauce and put a greased lid on the basin.

Put in a large pan and put in enough water to come three quarters of the way up the side and then simmer or one and a quarter hours. 

Turn out onto a plate and serve with the extra (warmed) chocolate sauce and custard or ice cream.

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